Thulo Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the No. 1 Flutter App Development Company of Nepal by world-class developers.


Why Thulo Technology?

  • Trust
  • Data Security
  • Experienced Developers


Technologies We Use

  • Dart & Flutter
  • Python & Django


History of Thulo Technology

At the end of 2019, Thulo Technology Pvt. Ltd. is established as a software development company. Initially, we did different stuff such as web development, digital marketing, and graphics design but later realized to specialize in one area which is app development using the flutter framework.


Till 2022, we have built more than 10 applications with flutter technology. Here is a list of applications.



To build beautiful, fast, scalable & secure apps by world-class developers using best practices. 



Our vision is to make people's life better every day by creating mobile applications.